Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Monday, January 31, 2011

Leave me comments.....

I would love to know if anyone is out there and reading, so please leave a comment.  Even if I don't know you feel free to comment.

Hey there. Just getting settled into the new job, been here about 3.5 months now.  Great chance, in a great company, just a little nervous I bite off more than I can chew sometimes.  Been home for a couple of weeks and may go to Houston next week for 2-3 days so no major travel planned.  We'll see once the Avenal CA. job gets going towards completion just how much I'm gone.  I did tell them honestly when I interviewed that anything over two weeks travel is too long.  Hopefully it would be me going back and forth, or the Family coming out to visit for a while, but you never know till it happens and not knowing is what scares me the most.  I love my Family and I know this job will let me provide for them better than I have in the past, I just would hate to strain my relationships for money.

Andrea's back on her "drugs" now after the pregnancy and feedings, very hard for her to stop feeding before the 12 months she did with the others but with a changed life, come sacrifices.  And what a joy this little "sacrifice" is!  Anna's almost 9 months and growing every day.

All getting excited to head to Florida again this year, no Disney, but Sea World and the beach.  Flights, Hotel, Condo, and Car are all booked.  Just need to decide if we are going to do a special tour at Sea World or not, I think Yes.

TATA for now.

PS. My goal is to add a picture 'O the day, we'll see how I do.


Thursday, January 13, 2011


Hey there!  Well alot has happened.  We had little Anna as I said before, I got a new job, and our little family is growing up!
With this new job I've been traveling alot.  I guess alot is kind of an understatement, but Andrea and I knew it would be when we took the leap.  We have a fundraiser tonight for ALS and uncle Dale (RIP).  So hopefully more to come.  GOD BLESS!


Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Well, well....

It's been a long time. So long infact there is a new Viera in the mix. We added Anna Renee on May 3rd 2010.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Hello again....

Hey everyone, just getting back into the swing of things after an awesome Family vaca. We all had a blast at Disney and then on Longboat Key. Unfortunately vacations can't last forever. We had some really nice weather except for two days, one was windy and the next was rainy, but you gotta shop at some point right? Andrea is doing great with this pregnancy(again). She's like super mom or something. I'm starting to freak a little thinking there's another child on the way, nothing major just typical Dad shit. Andrea is still doing super well and really showing MS, and all of us, who's boss around here. Now I get to show you the fun I had on vacation, aside from doing Disney like the rockstar fam we are, and then chillin on the beach, I got to drive one of the very rare and exotic rides that Italy hand produces every year. Some of you won't give a damn and you can close your browser now, but for those that are interested I will add some pictures.

This is a 2010 Ferrari California. It is #3 in America and had 504 miles. Four hundred and fifty some horsepower and coming in at almost $250,000, it is one of the best cars I have had the pleasure of driving. The sound is amazing, the ride is indescribable, and it was a blast to drive.
TATA for now,
Love J

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Here we go, finally got pictures to load....

this one was a challenge, Emma was not having any part of the step sisters and step Mother, but in the end Annastacia(?) the one in pink had a talk with Em and got her to come around.

Tinker Bell,

Mickey and Minnie,

Peter Pan,

This is the view of Cinderella's castle from ur room.

Monday, March 8, 2010


Hey just got done at the Magic Kingdom for the weekend. Had a blast, the kids were blown away. Anyone that said Madz was to young was dead wrong. We had an amazing room at The Contemporary resort, the closest to the park as you can get. Fantastic room and incredible service. Now were down on the beach in a 2 bedroom 2 bath cottage till Sunday, time to relax and unwind from the chaos of the Kingdom. Sorry can"t upload pictures, they will come later.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Hey everyone. Lots of prep to get the heck outta town, I for one am in desperate need of a break, getting very burned out at work. We got to go out to dinner tonight and the girls were pretty darn well behaved. Hopefully good practice for Florida. Well not much to say with out sounding like I'm whining. We just all need a break from the day to day. Here's some pics from dinner, Emma has "Ted-E-Bear" a bear from school that comes home and does adventures with the fam and then we add pictures and a little story in his diary. TATA for now...........

Love J

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

we're baaaccckk!

Hey everyone Jay here. Not sure if anyone actually looks at this any more but here we are. Got a great start to the new year. We are all real excited to get on our way for the Family follies of our annual Florida trip. We are going to do Disney again this year and the kids are beside themselves. We have an awesome room rented for disney and a great little cottage on the beach for the following week on Longboat Key. I for one can not wait to get outta here. The kids are growing by leaps and bounds. Emma is back in gymnastics nd loving school and all her friends. Maddie is also doing gymnastics in a class I do with her, I don't know if she has more fun than I do! Andrea is VERY prego and seems to be having another great prego experience, she's so tough she won't complain anyhow.(gotta love strong minded women) I am still installing and fixing carwash equipment and loving it, just in desperate need of a vacation. Much love to all our supporters and family and friends. Andrea is doing a bang up job of showing MS just who the fuck is boss. Again gotta love a strong women, and god do I! She started a group for "young moms with MS" aka: lets get the hell away from husbands and loud kids for awhile. Her and a buddy, Jen, started and they both need and deserve breaks. Hope everyone is well, and hey if you read this do me a favor and click the comments at the end and just let us know your still there. LOVE, PEACE, AND GOD BLESS!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Hi! It is me, Andrea. Remember me? Wow, it has been a while. It seems like we have been busy - doing nothing in particular - so when it is time for bed, I don't have the desire to type. Also, I KNOW that I have some photos that I was going to post here. But, because I am playing "musical cameras" lately in trying to have a camera around that works, I cannot find which SD card they are on. I may have to wait a day to post them.

Anyway, here I am! Things as a whole are good. I feel great, Jay has been traveling a lot and that isn't so great, on the other hand the weather has been pretty tolerable!

Last week Monday,I met my "MS friend" Jennifer (I hate having to define her as that, but it is easier to keep her straight like that) and a man named Jeff who works for the MS Society of MN for dinner. Jennifer and I had an idea of starting a "support group" - not really in the traditional sense, more of a social get together - for women with young kids. Jeff really loved the idea because there are not any other gatherings like that and he has been packed with questions lately from women who fit that criteria. So Jennifer and I are putting a group toghether that will meet once per month and develope a community of people who have so much more on their mind then the MS.

The big highlight of the week was on Wednesday. A huge day for Emma. Grandpa Al picked her up and drove her to school, then participated in class as the "Mystery Reader". He sat with the kids ad read a book to them and spent time with Emma in class. She thought that was the coolest and she was so excited that her friends were just as thrilled as she was to have her grandpa there. So much fun!

After school, the girls and I packed up and drove to Eau Claire to visit Jay where he was working all week long (and the week before and most of this week). Emma was amazed to drive to a new state, "It looks like MN!" and "I can't beleive that they have grocery stores here". I suppose an 1hr 45 min drive seems like a lifetime away for little kids. We hung out in the hotel, which in and of itself was a thrill, we went to dinner as a family and went swimming. Madeline, the little fish, was hard to keep out of the pool.

The next morning, Jay had to get up to work. The girls and I indulged in a wonderful continential breakfast, then spent more time in the pool and went back to the room and took a hot shower. The girls took full advantage of the ability to take a shower as long as they wanted. I suspect that Emma was in there for a little more then 45 minutes - that's my girl! We met Jay for lunch then headed back home.

Jay came home Friday afternoon and we spent a nice weekend together. Nothing exciting, just time together. Thankfully, evening though work still calls in Eau Claire, Jay vowed to us (and just as much to himself) that he was driving to and from Eau Claire every evening.

Oh yeah, my friend Jennifer forwarded this link to an intriguing story that was done about an upcoming investigational procedure for MS. Who knows where it will lead, but at least someone is working on it! Hopefully this link works! http://www.ctv.ca/servlet/ArticleNews/story/CTVNews/20091120/W5_liberation_091121/20091121?s_name=W5

Count down to turkey day!!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Yeah! We got two full days of Jay to ourselves! These weekends prove to be nice when he has been gone all or a good part of the week.

Friday was a pretty lazy night. Jay must have worked hard during the week because he was dozing off on the couch around 7:30 and it was still hard for him to get out of bed the next morning when th kids woke him up around 8. Glad he was able to get rest in his own bed.

We ran some errands, found Grandpa Don a nice shirt as a birthday gift and had a nice lunch out. The girls turned into spunky little things and made the shirt buying process much longer then it needed to be. But, it was nice spending time together.

That evening we went to grandma Kim and Grandpa Don's house for a birthday party for Don. Had some yummy tacos and hung out. Toward the end of the evening, after a brownie and cake and ice cream (far more sweets then the girls ever, ever get) Madeline started acting a little sick. S we packed up and headed home. Half way home I head the tell tale signs of poor Madz puking in the back of the car. Jay jumped back there and had to strip out of his sweatshirt and then T shirt to catch the flying debris. We had it home, popped her in the bath and cleaned up a bit. After that puking Madz seemed to feel just fine and slept though the night.

Even through they did't end up going to bed until 11:30, they still managed to be up at 7. Amazing how that happens when you are a kid. Threw them in bed to watch some cartoons. Madeline lasts but only a few minutes doing that so then we were up playing and trying to catch a mouse that was running around - thankfully our cat is pretty good at doing that. I generally just catch them and go put them outside.

We got to church early to meet with the membershi coordinater. Amazingly I have been going to this church for about 20+ years and Jay for the last 15 years, we have never been officially "members". They consider me one since I was confirmed there and the girls are because they were baptised there. So we made it official this morning. Jay was moved when Pastor Dave put his hand on him during a special prayer.

Lunch, play, naps. While the girls were napping I ran to Target to get a gift for a baby shower, then off to the shower while the brood was still resting. Had a nice time at the baby shower and I think that Jay was happy I was home. I think that because I do not leave them very often they freak out when I am not around, even if it is Jay there with them.

We hung out as lazy people the rest of the night. The girls were still in their spunky moods and Emma was finding everything under the sun to complain about and it is wearing on my nerves. Glad it is bedtime for them and me. Jay leaves again for WI tomorrow. But, the girls and I will be leavning on Wed for a short roadtrip to meet him! They are so excited!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Wow, it has been a long time. And this is going to be pretty short and sweet. Jay is out of town for the most of this week and all of next. So it is all girls all the time at the Viera household.

Jay did have last Monday off because he worked last weekend. It was a beautiful day! Jay hung lights in the trees and Madeline strutted around in her cowgirl boots and hockey helmet. After Emma was done with school we met with her teacher for conferences. Emma is doing terrific in school! Her teacher said that she is one of the best readers in class. She is so studious and very smart. She hasn't seen a child so into books and comprehending in a long time. Thankfully she also has a lot of friends and people gravitate toward her. She has one little boy friend and one little girl friend who she really pals around with. I am so happy to hear that she is doing so well. It is a good start to a school career and it shows that I am not really just being a mom when I tell someone that she is really smart. No, really my kid is!!

The girls finished up their last gymnastics classes this week and I am hoping to get them signed up again. But, with Christmas approaching and 20+ people on the list to buy for, the kiddos may have to wait until after the holidays.

I feel like we have been running around like crazy ladies lately. Last night we took care of my friends 3 boys while she worked. Let me tell you, if you think you know little boys, you know NOTHING until you have seen these three boys. I love them dearly and I love my friend to death and will do anything for her, but holy cow, it is exhausting!!! But, we got through it and she was very thankful.

We had some other friends over today and another playdate with a little friend here tomorrow. I am ready for the weekend, but we have much to do. At least Jay will be home!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Yesterday Emma had school. Madeline and I got quite a bit of running around done during that time since I had forgotten (i.e. don't know how) to change the time on my watch I was an hour off. Got a workout done and all sorts of other things. We a day of introspect and thought.

I had a meeting for an early childhood advisory board that I was on. Thankfully they provided very well trusted care for the girls since Jay was out of town. The meeting was an eye opener as to how tings change when there is a change in administration and vision. It will be interesting to see how things pan out in the future. By the time we got home it was bed time. We tried to call Jay to say good night, but he didn't answer his phone.

Today the girls were less then cooperative in getting things done so that we could get out the door. We were able to talk to Jay this morning. And finally made it to the gym for a whole 15 minutes of a treadmill workout. Then on to Madeline's class for some fun and songs.

We had to hurry home to make sure that we took naps on time since Emma had gymnastics tonight. Finding sometimes deep thoughts are most destructive and eye opening.

So happy to say that Emma was well behaved and a good listener for class tonight. The teacher even gave the kids their paperwork as far as which class they could go into next. Emma was given the go ahead into the next class up!

We hustled home to meet my friend for a little pizza dinner and chatting about an upcoming meeting on Friday. We got some things done, but as it goes when the girls are around, there was much more attention paid to them then on the task at hand. That is ok, we got through it and got a little bit done. I need to finish u on some things before Friday.

Jay made it home part way through dinner. That was nice that he was only gone for 1+ days. He did run in the door then out again to help our friend look at her sump pump that was flooding her basement. I know that she was more then thankful for his help.

God the girls to bed, Jay is already in bed, now I need to get there. Oh yeah, I had another digital death in the family. My digital camera crapped out on me. This was a great camera that my dad gave to me. It was working so, so well. Suddenly it didn't want to work. Ugh, I do not have the magic touch with cameras. So I apologize for the lack of photos.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

We made it through the week with Jay in WI. It actually went pretty quickly. Between gymnastics, Emma's field trip with Grandma Kim, and school we were never bored. I tried, and succeeded to change the girls schedule earlier in the week to the new time change so that we wouldn't be stuck with crazy kids for the week. It seems to have worked out today!

It was grea to have Jay home this weekend. On Friday we went to Grandma Kim's and Grandpa Don's to carve pumpkins. The first year the girls, in particular Emma, was able to really do the drawing and carving themselves. Amazingly Emma actually did the guts too!

Saturday we had a fun little Halloween party to go to, then rested up for a nice night of trick or treating. The weather was cool, but the wind was gone so not too bad. It is so cute because all of the neighbors when they answer the door always tell the girls "we have been waiting for you". There are not many kids in the neighborhood so they make out pretty well. A couple of houses even said that they were waiting for the girls to come then they could go out for the evening. Then spent a little time at the neighbors and made it home when the girls started to lose control due to a sugar high.

This morning was church then we went to lunch with some friends. It was a great time! We laughted and laughed. The girls were even midly well behaved and ate and entertained themselves so we could kind of enjoy our own time.

This evening was a relaxing one. Trying to spend time with Jay before he heads off to WI again for a part of the week (we are not sure how long he will be gone for). I need to give all of my Dr's a call to check on the pain I have in my back. I think I did something to a muscle, but just need to make sure that it isn't some sort of MS thing.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Jay is out of town for the rest of the week in lovely LaCrosse, WI. Thankfully he hasn't been gone mush oer the past few months. But, even though he was gone for the 6 weeks straight at the beginning of the summer, Madeline has forgotten all about that. Today she asked about a dozen times "Daddy going to be home after nap", "Daddy coming home tonight?" Poor little thing can't understand that he will be coming home, just in a few days.

Took Emma to gymnastics tonight equipped with an apology letter to her coach for "not listening" last week and a stern discussion about listening and keeping her hands to herself. She is 100% better then last week. There are a few other girls who get pretty crazy in class, and Emma (scary enough) just follows along wanting to do what they do. Hopefully she grows out of that by the time she is 13.

We enjoyed Jambalaya tonight - typically what the girls ask for when Jay is out of town. Then some snacks while watching Dancing with the Stars. A good evening all around. Tomorrow Emma is going on her first school field trip. Thankfully Grandma Kim has the day off of work and wants to go with her. So they will hop a school bus to a local farm for the day. Should be fun!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Holy cow, I have really been slacking on my blogging duties lately!! I think that with the weather being so terrible that by the time the girls go to bed, we are not far behind. This cold/cloudy weather makes you just want to hunker down in bed.

Nothing too terribly out of the ordinary last week. I think in my last post I gave you the update about my Dr appointment and I discussed how terrible Emma was at gymnastics. Thankfully the week got better!

Madeline had gymnastics on Thursday and she, along with Emma, just love doing it so, so much. With Madeline's class the parent still hs to do it with them. So happy that Jay is willing and likes doing it with her because it is so exhausting and I think that after she has been forced to listen to me all day she is not so entertained about doing it at class. They look like they have a great time.

At school on Friday, Emma was awarded Ted E. Bear to bring hom for the weekend. He is a stuffed bear that we take hom and he goes on "adventures" with us and we write about it in a ournal to share with the class. She was ssooooo excited.

Saturday morning I was very, very excited to see that Jay was ambitious enough to tackle another window. He took out and replaced the kitchen window. That window was terrible. I think that we lost a lot of heat out of it. But, even better then that the window was so dirty you could barely see out of it anymore. We had tried cleaning it, but the previous owners had screwed the outer window part on and the screws were stripped so we couldn't take off to wash. This is like looking out onto a totally different enighborhood. We only have two more windows to replace now. Hping that those can get done soon. We still need to finish the insides so that there isn't the exposed wood. But, that is a whole new ball game as far as what we need to buy. The girls and I played outside in the breif sunshine while Jay worked.

Saturday evening we got dressed up for a Halloween party at the recreation center. On our way there we drove by Paisley Park, home of Prince (my favorite), where a couple hundred people were lined up to get tickets for the concert that he was putting on there that evening. I didn't have money to buy tickets, so I had to forgo the show. I was really dissapointed. Oh well. We had a great time at the party. The kids played games and we rode on a horse drawn wagon.

Today was church and nap. After nap we went to a friend of mine to pick up her old carpet for Madeline's new room. I can't wait to have her room done!! Logistically, it will be great for when I get the girls dressed or ready for bed, but also it will be nice to not have her in limbo anymore.

Off to bed. Jay has a week of lots of driving and travel. A mostly girls week here.

Monday, October 19, 2009

This past weekend Jay and I felt like we were living like rock stars, or at least people who didn't have kids. The girls spent the evening and night on Saturday with Grandma Kim and Grandpa Don. Jay and I went out to dinner - yes, an adult dinner that was uninterrupted by "I need to go potty", "Where is my milk" then out to spend some times with some people that Jay went to high school with. It was a nice time and it was fun listening to old stories - who would have thought that we wouldn't get home until 2am! Holy cow! I am too old for that. And even thgouth I was able to sleep in until 9am - totally unheard of otherwise - it was hard to recover from staying out so late. So nice to be able to spend some time together!!

We went to church sans the kiddos and had a nice lunch and took in some football with some friends we haven't been able to hang out with much lately (they do not have kids and that puts a much different aspect in putting something together). We had good intentions of finishing installing our windows, but the previous evening was still catching up with us so it didn't happen. We picked up the kids and all came home for a nap.

Today Madeline and I dropped off Emma at school and were off to my neurologist appointment. It was a regular check up. We did go over the regular stregnth tests and stuff, and we also discussed some things aout MS in general and in my MS that I had not previouly known. Such as he said that it is beginning to be widly accepted that MS is developed in the body from conception to age 15. I start to worry about Emma's dislike of Vitamin D milk when she was a year old. Before I knew about this Vitamin D importance. Ugh! But, I had also been wavering back and forth in getting the H1N1 shot (whenever they become available) because people with MS that get the flu tend to be far more affected then others who don't have diseased brains. Also, he reviewed my MRI and we discussed anticipated thoughts of the future. He said that I am in the middle on the spectrum. I am certainly not on the "highly affected", but I am not on the most midly affected. I am right in the middle. Could be worse, right? He said that it is very tough to decipher what will come in the future since the brain is so complex. There has to be lesions on both side of the brain to create a physical malidy. Not sure what that tells me. But, I know right now I feel just fine and hope to stay that way for many years.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Unbelieveably "winter" has already set in over MN. Just lovely. It isn't even the middle of October yet and it is already dull and snow covered. It is 8pm and I am eeling stir crazy here in the house already. Thankfully, for about the last 5 minutes, the girls are entertaining themselves playing and not fighting. But, I am thinking that this seems like a long winter without much to do.

Jay was home from work today and Emma was so excited that daddy was going to bring her to school. After school we all went to the local community center for some swim time. They charge and arma nd a leg to get it, but we had a good time. Emma is a little wuss in the water. That isn't all bad. She didn't want to go past the depth of her chest and she just kind of stood around. Madeline on the other hand follows suit with how her personality is starting to develop. She is a daredevil. She loved going down the water slide and didnt' mind if she went under water. And it wasn't long before she didn't want us standing at the bottom to catch her when she came down head first down the slide. She loved it!

Packing up, in the showers, we had a near major incident. The metal seats that they have in the shower feel on top of Madeline's face and threw her against the wall. She is a tough kid. Lots of crying, but no blood and hopefully nothing broken. She has a big bump on her nose and forehead. We filled out an accident report when we left. The commuity center seemed concerned that the stool had a faulty part (it did), but weren't as concerned about Madz face.

Nap time for the girls and Jay. I elected to stay up and watch Oprah interview Mike Tyson. I thought it was interesting.

It was/is a mellow night. Jay has now put on a movie for the kids. The summer is go, go, go with playing outside right up until the 9pm bedtimes and now we are just stretching to make it to 9 without dying of boredom. I suggested that we play Wii, but Jay got rid of the game so I guess that is out.

Have a busy week and I think that I designed our schedule to be like that. Although now I am finding that we are pretty short on days available for playdates.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Today we were to go shopping for winter outerwear with Great Grandma and Grandpa. They love taking the girls - all the great-grandkids - shopping for winter coats and snowsuits. And you would think since we live in Minnesota that shopping for outerwear in mid-October wouldn't be unreasonable. Well, we had the fashion industry all wrong. After going to three stores and having very slim pickins in all of them we left the shopping event empty handed. Not sure what the heck I am going to dress the girls in this weekend when it is supposed to be cold with a high possibility of snow. Just lovely - frickin' lovely.

But, after shopping we went to Grandma and Grandpas house where Grandpa Al came to meet us for lunch. We had fun playing around with great grandma's old wigs and enjoying lunch. Emma can be such a stinker sometimes. She throws mini-tantrums about the tiniest stuff. I suppose that is what being 4 is all about.

This evening we had to negotiate gymnastics without daddy who is trying to get some projects done at work. This was a perfect time to put the thoery to the test of the "type" of child Madeline is. I spoke to her teachers on Tuesday about this and we came up with a perfect way to describe her. She is a "strong willed" little girl. She knows what she wants and is not satisfied until she gets it. Thankfully she is very funny, because trying to accomodate her when she is activly working on her indepenence is pretty tough.

Things are getting crazy around the house. Things are so busy and so many things at hand. Hopefully somehow that will make winter go by a little faster. Again, I need to go buy a lottery ticket. I must find a way to get out of here!!

Monday, October 5, 2009

I am here and all is well! It has been a long time since I posted. We have just been so busy with school starting and getting back into our new schedule. I am trying to do the workout thing and get all sorts of other stuff done as well so by the time the girls go to bed at night I am ready to call it a day as well. I will have to write a little bit more substance tomorrow. We just got back from the neighbors and watching the Vikings walk all over the Packers. That was fun. I think that Emma may be coming down with something. She was pretty quiet and mellow tonight. Cross our fingers!!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Nothing too exciting going on. Just a lot of running around with school, errands, gymnastics and other. The next few weeks are jammed full. We have windows that we need to put in before it gets too much colder, but the next two weekends are so full that I don't know that it will get done before the snow flies. Ugh.

Today Grandpa Jim and Grandma Cheryl took Emma to school and lunch. They said that they had a lot of fun.

Tonight we went to see the Okey Dokey Brothers play. They do kids music and the girls just love them. So they were dancing and having fun.

We have some tentative plans with sme friends tomorrow and a whole bunch of running to do in the morning before that happens...

Sunday, September 27, 2009

I shudder to think when the last time it was that I posted. I know that it has been a while. We have been really busy doing lots of nothing important. So by the time the evening comes and I should write, it always sems much more appealing to go to bed.

Friday evening was lovely - we turned down all offers of outside plans as we had a nice evening at home, coloring, working in workbooks and playing games. Very mellow and much needed.

Saturday morning was up and at 'em. We were off to the ALS walk at Lake Harriet in honor of Uncle Dale. All of the charity walks we do have particular meaning and closeness for us for many reasons. But, I always find that the ALS walk is the most visually sad to go to. Because it is so very obvious who is afflicted with the disease. And knowing that the survival rate from diagnosis to death is about 3 years, it is so sad to think. It is a time to think how sad it is that there are all of these diseases that can affect any one of us. I am a good example. Pow, comes out of nowhere. But, so much t be thankful for in the mean time.

We went to a party at Aunt Tina's house that evening. All of us celebrating the walk and without much mention, celebrating Uncle Dale. It was a nice evening. The girls had lots of other kids to play with so we were actually able to mingle around a bit.

Got home late, very late. But, true to form the girls were up at their normal time. Ugh, that was difficult. Because Jay is a terrible morning person and since he doesn't ever get up with the kids, I was up. Trying to entertain while still trying to wake up myself.

At church we went to Emma's "milestones". It is a special Sunday School class that the parents go to that the kids learn more about their bibles and just talk about some other special milestones.

We all took a much needed nap. Then headed across the street for a fabulous dinner and fun time. The girls were off their rockers. I am not sure if they needed more sleep or what. I think I am really looking forward to a nice, QUIET workout tomorrow morning!!!!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Been trying to get back into the workout routine. This whole summer I think that I made it to the gym twice to workout. Thankfully, since I am only paying $9 per moth I don't feel too badly about it. But, now that we are getting back to a routine I am hopefully going to be getting back into a little bit better shape.

Madeline had her class yesterday. It is amazing to see how much work and time the teachers put into a class that is for little ones like that. We are so lucky and they strive so hard to work all aspects of thir brain and body. That is why I have done classes with the girls for so long through these programs. Now, if we could only get the people running them to see that these classes were not set up and were never looked at as a money making venture. That would be terrific. The politics that go on within schools is aggrivating.

Emma got to bring "share bag" with her to school today. The kids find a few things at home that they want to share in class. She was s excited and changed what she was to share abot ten times this monring alone. But, she settled on some things and was excited to share!

This evening Jay helped a neighbor with his car. Then we went to Grandma Kim and Grandpa Don's to help move some stuff from a neighbor. When we got home the kids were darn tired. Ready for all of us to sleep. I must plan my morning tomorrow, the girls are off to the zoo with Grandpa Jim and Grandma Cheryl. That means that I get a couple of hours to catch up on some things by myself. Not sure if I know how to do that!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

It has been a while since I have written. Not a lot to mention. We have been really busy doing a lot of running around, getting into the school routine and lots of other stuff. Nothing too exciting, but it certainly keeps us hoping. The evenings have been filled with some indoor activities - need to remember how to play INSIDE the house with winter coming. And Emma LOVES Dancing with the Stars, so we have been very invested in that. Madeline has had a huge explosion in talking. She has always been pretty good, but now she is catching on to lots of new phrases - "that is so cool, mommy" That is a popular one.

I have been feeling just fine, so there has not been much thought about MS. Which is great!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

It was a busy, but very nice weekend. We did a lot of fun things and got some stuff done around the house.

Saturday morning the girls went out to dinner with Grandpa Jim and Grandma Cheryl. That allowed us a few minutes of quiet, but even better gave Jay a chance to start putting in a new window in the downstairs uninterrupted. We thought this window would be the worst of them all with possible rot that would cost us much more money. Amazingly, that wasn't the case. It had just been a crappy window that caused the snow to come in through the seals. Gladly, that will not be an issue this winter.

After breakfast, all of us loaded up to go to Emma (and Madeline's) second annual mini-golf classic. It is just a fun little golf course that is set up in a local park. Jay was the caddie and I was a spectator - and also responsible for keeping amatuer golfer Maddie under control. They both had fun, but 9 holes proved to be a bit much. Home for early naps as we had a little party to get to.

We drove down to my friend Jennifer's house - she is another MS'er. A friend that I have really connected with. She has 3 kiddos. She and her husband cooked chickens out over an open fire - no this was not on a grill. This was the chickens were on a big log and cooked over and open fire, along with corn on the cob, they had a fresh tomato/jalapeno salsa. It was terrific!! And yes, I do not want to hear it from any of you, I DID eat chicken from the bone. And don't think that you can get away with it. I found a juicy meaty breast part. But, I will not do it again soon. We had a great time. Jennifer and I really get each other. It is best told when her husband said to me, only moments after we met, "you are another one of those with a damaged brain?" We can use that humor - and thankfully, or not so, understand each other.

We made it home late and went to bed.

Today was church and a quick lunch. We then headed to Aunt Nancy's house to assist in removal of trees. Jay swiped through 4 big trees within matter of minutes. My cousin and I were left to clean up the branches. We were served a great dinner as thanks and had a bit of relaxation as another cousin kept the girls entertained. Aunt Nancy was eternally grateful to Jay for his help! I am thankful to have a husband who is so handy at so many things and wiling to share them. As we talked about on the way home, we have been discussing at church to "pass along your treasures". Unfortuatly, we don't have much, if any, monetary treasures. But, being able to help someone out is a way to pass along what we do have.

The girls were wiped. They were in bed about a half hour earlier then there normal bedtime. That felt good. I ate way, WAY too much. Must rest my body and digest food.

Friday, September 18, 2009

A lot of running around the past couple of days. So many pittly things that needed to get done.
The girls both started gymnastics this past week. They were SOOO excited. Emma still wants us to sign her up for dance as well. We are trying to ease into that slowly. On Madeline's first practice we almost had to cut the night short as she had a fall on the trampoline. But, she shook it off and was up and at 'em again in no time.
This evening we went to Barnyard Boogie. It is a little dance/petting zoo and craft get together that they have here. It is a lot of fun. The animals are great. They are actually very well taken care of and the girls love to pet a goat and a chicken and all sorts of other animals. Then we went inside for some snacks and dancing fun.
Must get some sleep for a very busy weekend!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Oh, back to the routine of school!! On Monday Emma asked that Grandma Kim drive her to school and pick her up again. They made a day of it and went for lunch afterward, then Madeline and I met them for an ice cream cone and a walk near the lake. It is so much fun to see how excited Emma is for school. She just loves it!

On Tuesday, Madeline started her class. She is a little social bug and loves to experience new things. She had a great time checking out class and singing along. Afterward she lovesd recounting for me all of the kids that cried when their moms left and she was sure to tell me she didn't cry cause "mommies always come right back". Too cute!

Today Emma had school. It is interesting because for the most part she has always had 5 or 6 good friends in her classes and a couple of other kids she knew as well. But, this year, she has two little boys that she really likes in her class, and that is it. So it will really be up to her to reach out ot new people. Although on Tuesday after Maddie's class we went to the park to hav e a picnic. Em said that she wanted some other people to play with. There was a set of twin girls that were there. And surprisingly she said that it looked like they were having fun and she wanted to play. I told her to introduce herself and ask to play. They girls weren't so hot at first - a real blow to a mom's heart - but, Emma kept at it and they all ended up playing.

This eveing we took a trip to Culvers for ice cream treats - I certainly didn't have to finish mine! The girls enjyed theirs, but ended up wearing most of it@!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

It was a busy weekend. As it seems like things are as summer winds down.

Jay took Friday off of work for Emma's first day of school. It was "parent" day, as all Friday's are where the parents have time to learn some good parenting skills and ideas. It is always great to be in those classes with new people and people who have several older children. It shows just because you have had kids, you still have a lot to learn!

We had a great time. Emma was thrilled to have Jay there and it was nice to have him be able to see how her school and classes work. Hopefully he will have more time this year to join us again!

After school we went to a small, quiet park and enjoyed a picnic. Then played on some slides and all had an "acorn fight" with the thousands that were on the ground. That evening we were off to a graduation party for a friend. Great food and fun chatting and relaxing.

Saturday morning we were up and at 'em early as we were participating in a walk to support lung cancer. We did it in memory of my grandma Pat Wilcox and aunt Carolyn Reid and in support of my friend Judy Golz. She has started the foundation that ran the walk and it was great. They had a terrific turn out and it was so awesome to support them and give hope to those with the disease. We stuck around to chat and look around afterward. We finally had to get home as the girls were falling apart. Unfortunatly we had to cancel dinner plans with some friends that we hadn't seen forever.

Because we originally had other plans that evening, we were flying by the seat of our pants when Auntie Ashley came over then Grandma Kim and Grandpa Don stopped by. Our simple dinner turned into a huge impromptu schmorgasboard. I litterally felt like I was going to split right open because I ate so much!

This morning church started their fall schedule so things didn't get underway until a little later. Emma started Sunday School back up again and she was SO excited. And even more so when she got her new bible. After church we made a quick pit stop at McD's then off to do a little fishing.

It was a beautiful day. Perfect to be out on the lake!! We caught a few little fish and now that the girls have smaller poles, they were able to catch their own. All of the little friends were thrown back in the water. We all just like looking at them then giving them back to the water.

Home for naps. Although Madz obviously didn't get the message that was next on the agenda because he was crabbing for an hour and a half. She finally crashed out but I woke her up shortly thereafter and she wasn't very happy about it.

We went for a walk, went bike riding and rollerskating tonight. Getting in all that we can until hell, I mean, winter comes.