Sunday, November 15, 2009

Yeah! We got two full days of Jay to ourselves! These weekends prove to be nice when he has been gone all or a good part of the week.

Friday was a pretty lazy night. Jay must have worked hard during the week because he was dozing off on the couch around 7:30 and it was still hard for him to get out of bed the next morning when th kids woke him up around 8. Glad he was able to get rest in his own bed.

We ran some errands, found Grandpa Don a nice shirt as a birthday gift and had a nice lunch out. The girls turned into spunky little things and made the shirt buying process much longer then it needed to be. But, it was nice spending time together.

That evening we went to grandma Kim and Grandpa Don's house for a birthday party for Don. Had some yummy tacos and hung out. Toward the end of the evening, after a brownie and cake and ice cream (far more sweets then the girls ever, ever get) Madeline started acting a little sick. S we packed up and headed home. Half way home I head the tell tale signs of poor Madz puking in the back of the car. Jay jumped back there and had to strip out of his sweatshirt and then T shirt to catch the flying debris. We had it home, popped her in the bath and cleaned up a bit. After that puking Madz seemed to feel just fine and slept though the night.

Even through they did't end up going to bed until 11:30, they still managed to be up at 7. Amazing how that happens when you are a kid. Threw them in bed to watch some cartoons. Madeline lasts but only a few minutes doing that so then we were up playing and trying to catch a mouse that was running around - thankfully our cat is pretty good at doing that. I generally just catch them and go put them outside.

We got to church early to meet with the membershi coordinater. Amazingly I have been going to this church for about 20+ years and Jay for the last 15 years, we have never been officially "members". They consider me one since I was confirmed there and the girls are because they were baptised there. So we made it official this morning. Jay was moved when Pastor Dave put his hand on him during a special prayer.

Lunch, play, naps. While the girls were napping I ran to Target to get a gift for a baby shower, then off to the shower while the brood was still resting. Had a nice time at the baby shower and I think that Jay was happy I was home. I think that because I do not leave them very often they freak out when I am not around, even if it is Jay there with them.

We hung out as lazy people the rest of the night. The girls were still in their spunky moods and Emma was finding everything under the sun to complain about and it is wearing on my nerves. Glad it is bedtime for them and me. Jay leaves again for WI tomorrow. But, the girls and I will be leavning on Wed for a short roadtrip to meet him! They are so excited!

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