Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Jay is out of town for the rest of the week in lovely LaCrosse, WI. Thankfully he hasn't been gone mush oer the past few months. But, even though he was gone for the 6 weeks straight at the beginning of the summer, Madeline has forgotten all about that. Today she asked about a dozen times "Daddy going to be home after nap", "Daddy coming home tonight?" Poor little thing can't understand that he will be coming home, just in a few days.

Took Emma to gymnastics tonight equipped with an apology letter to her coach for "not listening" last week and a stern discussion about listening and keeping her hands to herself. She is 100% better then last week. There are a few other girls who get pretty crazy in class, and Emma (scary enough) just follows along wanting to do what they do. Hopefully she grows out of that by the time she is 13.

We enjoyed Jambalaya tonight - typically what the girls ask for when Jay is out of town. Then some snacks while watching Dancing with the Stars. A good evening all around. Tomorrow Emma is going on her first school field trip. Thankfully Grandma Kim has the day off of work and wants to go with her. So they will hop a school bus to a local farm for the day. Should be fun!

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