Thursday, March 18, 2010

Hello again....

Hey everyone, just getting back into the swing of things after an awesome Family vaca. We all had a blast at Disney and then on Longboat Key. Unfortunately vacations can't last forever. We had some really nice weather except for two days, one was windy and the next was rainy, but you gotta shop at some point right? Andrea is doing great with this pregnancy(again). She's like super mom or something. I'm starting to freak a little thinking there's another child on the way, nothing major just typical Dad shit. Andrea is still doing super well and really showing MS, and all of us, who's boss around here. Now I get to show you the fun I had on vacation, aside from doing Disney like the rockstar fam we are, and then chillin on the beach, I got to drive one of the very rare and exotic rides that Italy hand produces every year. Some of you won't give a damn and you can close your browser now, but for those that are interested I will add some pictures.

This is a 2010 Ferrari California. It is #3 in America and had 504 miles. Four hundred and fifty some horsepower and coming in at almost $250,000, it is one of the best cars I have had the pleasure of driving. The sound is amazing, the ride is indescribable, and it was a blast to drive.
TATA for now,
Love J

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