Thursday, October 8, 2009

Today we were to go shopping for winter outerwear with Great Grandma and Grandpa. They love taking the girls - all the great-grandkids - shopping for winter coats and snowsuits. And you would think since we live in Minnesota that shopping for outerwear in mid-October wouldn't be unreasonable. Well, we had the fashion industry all wrong. After going to three stores and having very slim pickins in all of them we left the shopping event empty handed. Not sure what the heck I am going to dress the girls in this weekend when it is supposed to be cold with a high possibility of snow. Just lovely - frickin' lovely.

But, after shopping we went to Grandma and Grandpas house where Grandpa Al came to meet us for lunch. We had fun playing around with great grandma's old wigs and enjoying lunch. Emma can be such a stinker sometimes. She throws mini-tantrums about the tiniest stuff. I suppose that is what being 4 is all about.

This evening we had to negotiate gymnastics without daddy who is trying to get some projects done at work. This was a perfect time to put the thoery to the test of the "type" of child Madeline is. I spoke to her teachers on Tuesday about this and we came up with a perfect way to describe her. She is a "strong willed" little girl. She knows what she wants and is not satisfied until she gets it. Thankfully she is very funny, because trying to accomodate her when she is activly working on her indepenence is pretty tough.

Things are getting crazy around the house. Things are so busy and so many things at hand. Hopefully somehow that will make winter go by a little faster. Again, I need to go buy a lottery ticket. I must find a way to get out of here!!

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