Monday, October 19, 2009

This past weekend Jay and I felt like we were living like rock stars, or at least people who didn't have kids. The girls spent the evening and night on Saturday with Grandma Kim and Grandpa Don. Jay and I went out to dinner - yes, an adult dinner that was uninterrupted by "I need to go potty", "Where is my milk" then out to spend some times with some people that Jay went to high school with. It was a nice time and it was fun listening to old stories - who would have thought that we wouldn't get home until 2am! Holy cow! I am too old for that. And even thgouth I was able to sleep in until 9am - totally unheard of otherwise - it was hard to recover from staying out so late. So nice to be able to spend some time together!!

We went to church sans the kiddos and had a nice lunch and took in some football with some friends we haven't been able to hang out with much lately (they do not have kids and that puts a much different aspect in putting something together). We had good intentions of finishing installing our windows, but the previous evening was still catching up with us so it didn't happen. We picked up the kids and all came home for a nap.

Today Madeline and I dropped off Emma at school and were off to my neurologist appointment. It was a regular check up. We did go over the regular stregnth tests and stuff, and we also discussed some things aout MS in general and in my MS that I had not previouly known. Such as he said that it is beginning to be widly accepted that MS is developed in the body from conception to age 15. I start to worry about Emma's dislike of Vitamin D milk when she was a year old. Before I knew about this Vitamin D importance. Ugh! But, I had also been wavering back and forth in getting the H1N1 shot (whenever they become available) because people with MS that get the flu tend to be far more affected then others who don't have diseased brains. Also, he reviewed my MRI and we discussed anticipated thoughts of the future. He said that I am in the middle on the spectrum. I am certainly not on the "highly affected", but I am not on the most midly affected. I am right in the middle. Could be worse, right? He said that it is very tough to decipher what will come in the future since the brain is so complex. There has to be lesions on both side of the brain to create a physical malidy. Not sure what that tells me. But, I know right now I feel just fine and hope to stay that way for many years.

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