Sunday, November 1, 2009

We made it through the week with Jay in WI. It actually went pretty quickly. Between gymnastics, Emma's field trip with Grandma Kim, and school we were never bored. I tried, and succeeded to change the girls schedule earlier in the week to the new time change so that we wouldn't be stuck with crazy kids for the week. It seems to have worked out today!

It was grea to have Jay home this weekend. On Friday we went to Grandma Kim's and Grandpa Don's to carve pumpkins. The first year the girls, in particular Emma, was able to really do the drawing and carving themselves. Amazingly Emma actually did the guts too!

Saturday we had a fun little Halloween party to go to, then rested up for a nice night of trick or treating. The weather was cool, but the wind was gone so not too bad. It is so cute because all of the neighbors when they answer the door always tell the girls "we have been waiting for you". There are not many kids in the neighborhood so they make out pretty well. A couple of houses even said that they were waiting for the girls to come then they could go out for the evening. Then spent a little time at the neighbors and made it home when the girls started to lose control due to a sugar high.

This morning was church then we went to lunch with some friends. It was a great time! We laughted and laughed. The girls were even midly well behaved and ate and entertained themselves so we could kind of enjoy our own time.

This evening was a relaxing one. Trying to spend time with Jay before he heads off to WI again for a part of the week (we are not sure how long he will be gone for). I need to give all of my Dr's a call to check on the pain I have in my back. I think I did something to a muscle, but just need to make sure that it isn't some sort of MS thing.

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