Monday, October 12, 2009

Unbelieveably "winter" has already set in over MN. Just lovely. It isn't even the middle of October yet and it is already dull and snow covered. It is 8pm and I am eeling stir crazy here in the house already. Thankfully, for about the last 5 minutes, the girls are entertaining themselves playing and not fighting. But, I am thinking that this seems like a long winter without much to do.

Jay was home from work today and Emma was so excited that daddy was going to bring her to school. After school we all went to the local community center for some swim time. They charge and arma nd a leg to get it, but we had a good time. Emma is a little wuss in the water. That isn't all bad. She didn't want to go past the depth of her chest and she just kind of stood around. Madeline on the other hand follows suit with how her personality is starting to develop. She is a daredevil. She loved going down the water slide and didnt' mind if she went under water. And it wasn't long before she didn't want us standing at the bottom to catch her when she came down head first down the slide. She loved it!

Packing up, in the showers, we had a near major incident. The metal seats that they have in the shower feel on top of Madeline's face and threw her against the wall. She is a tough kid. Lots of crying, but no blood and hopefully nothing broken. She has a big bump on her nose and forehead. We filled out an accident report when we left. The commuity center seemed concerned that the stool had a faulty part (it did), but weren't as concerned about Madz face.

Nap time for the girls and Jay. I elected to stay up and watch Oprah interview Mike Tyson. I thought it was interesting.

It was/is a mellow night. Jay has now put on a movie for the kids. The summer is go, go, go with playing outside right up until the 9pm bedtimes and now we are just stretching to make it to 9 without dying of boredom. I suggested that we play Wii, but Jay got rid of the game so I guess that is out.

Have a busy week and I think that I designed our schedule to be like that. Although now I am finding that we are pretty short on days available for playdates.

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