Tuesday, February 23, 2010

we're baaaccckk!

Hey everyone Jay here. Not sure if anyone actually looks at this any more but here we are. Got a great start to the new year. We are all real excited to get on our way for the Family follies of our annual Florida trip. We are going to do Disney again this year and the kids are beside themselves. We have an awesome room rented for disney and a great little cottage on the beach for the following week on Longboat Key. I for one can not wait to get outta here. The kids are growing by leaps and bounds. Emma is back in gymnastics nd loving school and all her friends. Maddie is also doing gymnastics in a class I do with her, I don't know if she has more fun than I do! Andrea is VERY prego and seems to be having another great prego experience, she's so tough she won't complain anyhow.(gotta love strong minded women) I am still installing and fixing carwash equipment and loving it, just in desperate need of a vacation. Much love to all our supporters and family and friends. Andrea is doing a bang up job of showing MS just who the fuck is boss. Again gotta love a strong women, and god do I! She started a group for "young moms with MS" aka: lets get the hell away from husbands and loud kids for awhile. Her and a buddy, Jen, started and they both need and deserve breaks. Hope everyone is well, and hey if you read this do me a favor and click the comments at the end and just let us know your still there. LOVE, PEACE, AND GOD BLESS!

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Anonymous said...

I always check in and was glad to see your back
Aunt Beth