Monday, November 23, 2009

Hi! It is me, Andrea. Remember me? Wow, it has been a while. It seems like we have been busy - doing nothing in particular - so when it is time for bed, I don't have the desire to type. Also, I KNOW that I have some photos that I was going to post here. But, because I am playing "musical cameras" lately in trying to have a camera around that works, I cannot find which SD card they are on. I may have to wait a day to post them.

Anyway, here I am! Things as a whole are good. I feel great, Jay has been traveling a lot and that isn't so great, on the other hand the weather has been pretty tolerable!

Last week Monday,I met my "MS friend" Jennifer (I hate having to define her as that, but it is easier to keep her straight like that) and a man named Jeff who works for the MS Society of MN for dinner. Jennifer and I had an idea of starting a "support group" - not really in the traditional sense, more of a social get together - for women with young kids. Jeff really loved the idea because there are not any other gatherings like that and he has been packed with questions lately from women who fit that criteria. So Jennifer and I are putting a group toghether that will meet once per month and develope a community of people who have so much more on their mind then the MS.

The big highlight of the week was on Wednesday. A huge day for Emma. Grandpa Al picked her up and drove her to school, then participated in class as the "Mystery Reader". He sat with the kids ad read a book to them and spent time with Emma in class. She thought that was the coolest and she was so excited that her friends were just as thrilled as she was to have her grandpa there. So much fun!

After school, the girls and I packed up and drove to Eau Claire to visit Jay where he was working all week long (and the week before and most of this week). Emma was amazed to drive to a new state, "It looks like MN!" and "I can't beleive that they have grocery stores here". I suppose an 1hr 45 min drive seems like a lifetime away for little kids. We hung out in the hotel, which in and of itself was a thrill, we went to dinner as a family and went swimming. Madeline, the little fish, was hard to keep out of the pool.

The next morning, Jay had to get up to work. The girls and I indulged in a wonderful continential breakfast, then spent more time in the pool and went back to the room and took a hot shower. The girls took full advantage of the ability to take a shower as long as they wanted. I suspect that Emma was in there for a little more then 45 minutes - that's my girl! We met Jay for lunch then headed back home.

Jay came home Friday afternoon and we spent a nice weekend together. Nothing exciting, just time together. Thankfully, evening though work still calls in Eau Claire, Jay vowed to us (and just as much to himself) that he was driving to and from Eau Claire every evening.

Oh yeah, my friend Jennifer forwarded this link to an intriguing story that was done about an upcoming investigational procedure for MS. Who knows where it will lead, but at least someone is working on it! Hopefully this link works!

Count down to turkey day!!

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