Sunday, October 25, 2009

Holy cow, I have really been slacking on my blogging duties lately!! I think that with the weather being so terrible that by the time the girls go to bed, we are not far behind. This cold/cloudy weather makes you just want to hunker down in bed.

Nothing too terribly out of the ordinary last week. I think in my last post I gave you the update about my Dr appointment and I discussed how terrible Emma was at gymnastics. Thankfully the week got better!

Madeline had gymnastics on Thursday and she, along with Emma, just love doing it so, so much. With Madeline's class the parent still hs to do it with them. So happy that Jay is willing and likes doing it with her because it is so exhausting and I think that after she has been forced to listen to me all day she is not so entertained about doing it at class. They look like they have a great time.

At school on Friday, Emma was awarded Ted E. Bear to bring hom for the weekend. He is a stuffed bear that we take hom and he goes on "adventures" with us and we write about it in a ournal to share with the class. She was ssooooo excited.

Saturday morning I was very, very excited to see that Jay was ambitious enough to tackle another window. He took out and replaced the kitchen window. That window was terrible. I think that we lost a lot of heat out of it. But, even better then that the window was so dirty you could barely see out of it anymore. We had tried cleaning it, but the previous owners had screwed the outer window part on and the screws were stripped so we couldn't take off to wash. This is like looking out onto a totally different enighborhood. We only have two more windows to replace now. Hping that those can get done soon. We still need to finish the insides so that there isn't the exposed wood. But, that is a whole new ball game as far as what we need to buy. The girls and I played outside in the breif sunshine while Jay worked.

Saturday evening we got dressed up for a Halloween party at the recreation center. On our way there we drove by Paisley Park, home of Prince (my favorite), where a couple hundred people were lined up to get tickets for the concert that he was putting on there that evening. I didn't have money to buy tickets, so I had to forgo the show. I was really dissapointed. Oh well. We had a great time at the party. The kids played games and we rode on a horse drawn wagon.

Today was church and nap. After nap we went to a friend of mine to pick up her old carpet for Madeline's new room. I can't wait to have her room done!! Logistically, it will be great for when I get the girls dressed or ready for bed, but also it will be nice to not have her in limbo anymore.

Off to bed. Jay has a week of lots of driving and travel. A mostly girls week here.

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